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February 2013

Politics in Brazil: Early kick-off

Feb 22, 2013
Brazil 2010 Presidential Election

A campaign that officially lasts just three months should mean that Brazil’s next presidential election, due in October 2014, feels far away. In fact it seems almost imminent.

Upside-down economic policies roil Venezuela car market

Feb 16, 2013
Las Mercedes shopping district, Caracas, Venezuela.

Venezuela may be the only country in the world where a new car becomes more expensive the instant it's driven off the dealership lot.

Housing in Brazil: If you build it

Feb 16, 2013
Balneário Camboriú, Santa Catarina, Brazil

Until 2011 Adriana Palugan, a mother of two, rented a home in Balneário Camboriú, a seaside town in southern Brazil. Now she is buying her own house, one of 166 in Colina do Cedro (Cedar Hill), a new development on a hill overlooking the town.

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